Program Overview


Sumner, Wilson, Rutherford, Williamson and Hamilton Counties require emission inspections on 1975 and newer light duty gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Cars and light trucks weighing 10,500 lbs. or less gross vehicle weight rate (GVWR) registered in these counties require an annual emission inspection. Following is a list of vehicles that are exempt from the annual emissions inspection.

  • New motor vehicles being registered for the first time. Heavy duty motor vehicles (more than 10,500 lbs. GVWR).
  • Motorcycles
  • Antique motor vehicles
  • Electric powered light-duty motor vehicles (excluding all hybrid vehicles); and
  • Gasoline-powered light-duty motor vehicles with a designated model year prior to 1975.

What Does It Cost?

The fee for the vehicle emissions inspection is $9.00. Cash (no bills larger than $20.00) and credit cards (Visa,  MasterCard, & Discover) accepted.

How Long Does the Test Take?

The average test takes about 4 minutes. If problems are encountered, it may take a little longer. Please be assured that our inspectors are working very hard to see that each vehicle receives a fair and accurate test.

Best Times to Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Inspection stations are typically the busiest during the first and last week of each month and the middle of the day (10-2). The best times to get your vehicle tested are generally the middle two weeks of the month and early and late in the day.  Several stations are open on Saturdays which is also a less busy time.  Emission tests are good for 90 days, so come early and save yourself some time. You can have your vehicle tested at any station regardless of where the vehicle is registered.

Reasons Your Vehicle May NOT Be Tested

  • It has fuel, oil or coolant leaks
  • It has visible smoke
  • It has excessive exhaust leaks
  • The idle is not set to factory specifications
  • The inspector would have to reach more than an elbow length under the vehicle to insert the sampling probe.
  • On 1996 and newer vehicles, the driver’s door is required to be operational
  • Unrestrained Pets
  • Trailer attached to the vehicle